Design, Install, Maintain

The essential computer services that a business needs to function are our core business. The IT landscape has changed over the past 15 years, since we were established, but our genuine enthusiasm remains to bring the best and most suitable technologies, from big business, and make them work for small and medium size businesses.

And now the Cloud has brought a shoal of IT services, that previously SMBs could only dream of, and made them easily accessible – without significant capital costs at the outset. Integrate the most suitable cloud services into your business IT environment and push your business forward, with clear control of your IT budget. We are experienced in setting up systems for companies that want to be completely mobile and cloud-based, and other companies which have high sensitivity to risk and cloud exposure.

For new company start-ups, or a problem with current systems, or complete office relocation projects, we may be able to meet your need, within your budget.

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Most organisations need a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and those without one, usually want to know that they have backup sufficient to protect their operations. Survey after survey tends to show that backup falls to the bottom of the IT to-do list – it’s important but we put it off and ‘fight fires’ elsewhere.

Identify the location of your most important data – the information and documents your business needs both to survive and meet regulatory compliance obligations – and then create a multi-level backup system. We can implement a backup system to suit your immediate business need, and then keep it running so you can focus on more exciting tasks!

Business continuity requires more than just a thorough backup system. Successful disaster recovery will involve the execution of a BCP which can survive a disaster and be disseminated to stakeholders. We can help you review your current provision, or help you start afresh with new policies and systems.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft is now a genuine cloud provider and one of the biggest. Being a cloud provider is more than just providing services over the internet, it involves sophisticated multi-location multi-level systems with 24/7 support for their network infrastructure. And now any organisation, from 1 person to 100,000 staff, can benefit from this huge investment for a modest monthly subscription per user.

Office 365 is the name for a collection of services which includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Lync Online, Power BI and more. It can also include a downloadable installer for the Office 2013 Pro Plus suite of programs (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneNote and InfoPath).

We have been using Office 365 for our internal use for over 3 years (including its precursor BPOS) and recommend it completely. No product is ever perfect, but Office 365 is almost an essential business tool.

Network Security & Monitoring

Casual security is no longer enough for any business connected to the internet, so that even the phrase ‘cyber security’ appears in news headlines. The threats are real, constant and now they are professional and highly skilled. Businesses in the financial, investment and other sectors have a regulatory requirement to implement high levels of network security and data protection, and now every business needs to consider security seriously if your computers are at all important to your work.

In addition to your files and confidential information, security needs to be extended to servers and laptops, phones and mobile devices, email and file sharing, remote connections and wireless networks. What the industry calls the ‘threat landscape’ is constantly changing, but there is no need to shrink from the task of designing or reviewing IT security. Even the UK Government has issued advice on cyber security in the form of the Cyber Essential certification scheme.

Security monitoring gives you the information to assess the effectiveness of your security systems, and to determine what may need improving. Monitoring might not be a priority for a two-person PR firm, but a hedge fund or law firm will need to know who is trying to access what data, and when. Management reports may need to be extended to cover cyber security reports and reviews.

Secure networks are always more reliable, so corresponding support costs tend to be lower: improving security may have other benefits you didn’t expect.

Business Support

Keeping your business running smoothly doubtless requires all the computers to keep running smoothly. Who do you call when disaster strikes? An organisation with more than 50 staff will have its resident ‘tech guy’, and his or her commitment will be high, but who will they call? IT is such a sprawling field of products and knowledge that no person can know everything.

New clients often first make contact when the need is desperate, and we’re not complaining. With the problem solved and the business running again, we can become partners for the longer term and plan your IT future together to avoid further nasty surprises.

Whether you need a single IT review, or a network infrastructure support service, or even a preliminary conversation about your options, perhaps we can be your preferred partner.